EULGBTI RightsParperis: ‘slow’ progress in combatting homophobia in Cyprus

Parperis: ‘slow’ progress in combatting homophobia in Cyprus

There is progress in combatting homophobia in Cyprus, though it is slower than it could be, Demetris Parperis, a volunteer and instructor for the Cyprus Family Planning Association has told Radio Active.
In an interview on individual rights and what the EU is doing to combat homophobia, Parperis outlined how EU campaigns are progressing and on the work being done at schools.

He said that campaigns on sexual health and healthy relationships, including homosexual relationships never stop.

Parperis made special reference to the EU programme Hombat which focuses on raising awareness to combat homophobia and promote individual rights.
The EU financed programme has offered an opportunity to study the issue of homophobia.
“A network was created which brought together various organisations. Surveys were carried out and data collected and the programme is proceeding accordingly,” he said.
Cyprus society has made progress but this is at a slower pace than desired. The survey had also shown that there is homophobia in the schools but there are few systems in place to deal with it.

“Our teachers are not ready to tackle these issues. Even if there is goodwill we do not give them the appropriate tools,” he said.

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