EULGBTI RightsLevel up Nicosia: Gender-mainstreaming workshop on October 26

Level up Nicosia: Gender-mainstreaming workshop on October 26

Have you felt like some infrastructures or policies are not made for your gender? You are most probably right then if you are a woman, non-binary or trans person. Gender inequality runs very deep in our society, which is designed by cis-gender men, so you are likely to correct when you think that certain aspects might be designed in an inaccessible or unsafe way for other genders. This is also the case for the Municipality of Nicosia.
Gender-mainstreaming is a strategy aiming to integrate the needs of all final users to improve the quality of public policies and services. It means that the existing situation is analysed, to identify inequalities and develop policies aiming to redress these inequalities and undo the mechanisms that caused them.
In this workshop we will go into questions such as: What is gender equality and how can we achieve it? What is gender-mainstreaming and how does this strategy help to integrate the needs of all people, to improve the quality of public policies and services? We will learn more about gender inequality, its roots, and how the gender-mainstreaming strategy helps in solving gender inequality. Specifically, we will also look into inclusive urban planning and taking gender in account when designing city life. Wednesday 26 October at 17:30, duration 2 hours at the YEU Cyprus Office on Ezekia Papaioannou 27, Nicosia.
Language: English
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This workshop is the first activity as part of the project “Level up Nicosia: Gender-mainstream the city”, which aims to bring women, girls, non-binary and trans people together with gender and urban planning experts, to identify barriers faced, also related to disability, in daily city life and come up with potential solutions to make the municipality of Nicosia safe and accessible for everybody. Based on this workshop and follow-up focus groups, we will draft a policy brief together, to hand over to the municipality to encourage them to take the first steps to a more inclusive city. Join in, share your experiences and insights and become part of the change you would like to see!

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