EUEnvironmentEU funds crucial to environment protection in Cyprus

EU funds crucial to environment protection in Cyprus

EU funds have given Cyprus the opportunity to implement projects for the protection of the environment it would not otherwise have been able to introduce, says Elena Stylianopoulou, senior official at the Environment Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

In an interview with Philenews, Stylianopoulou highlighted the importance of the EU’s Life programme, for which she is responsible at the ministry. She said the Life programme is the EU’s main financing tool from which Cyprus has so far been able to finance 45 projects with financing closing to €25m.

“Various programmes through the years have helped Cyprus implement the acquis on the environment. Others have helped for example of recycling, public awareness and nature protection,” she said. Cyprus has also tapped funds from structural funds for example for the Natura 2000 programme as well as from Horizon for research.

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