EUEducationThe Junior & Senior School: Inspiring young people to think and care

The Junior & Senior School: Inspiring young people to think and care

As The Junior & Senior School goes from strength to strength with increasing demand for pupil places year on year and steadily rising examination results, the Principal of the school, Deborah Duncan, outlined why she feels the school is enjoying such successes.

  • High achieving all-through private British International School for children aged 2-19
  • Highly accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate
  • Educating international and Cypriot children since 1944
  • Investing in the latest pedagogy and educational research to train our experienced staff
  • Operating in beautiful grounds with modern facilities fit for 21st century learning
  • Part of the elite group of worldwide Microsoft Showcase Schools using digital technology to enhance and support learning
  • Offering the well-respected British curriculum, IGCSEs and A Levels but also recently approved to offer a new-look Apolytirio consisting of internal assessments to enhance the qualification package on offer to its students.

The school has a long history of excellence and has been well-respected as a primary school for many years. However, during the 16 years since the inception of the Senior School section, the school has grown considerably and has now become a school of choice for both the local Greek Cypriot community but also for other nationalities including a growing number of Chinese pupils and we also welcome an increasing number of embassy staff and UN children.

The school offers education based on the English National Curriculum for children from 2 to 19 years old and many extra-curricular activities (including the Duke of Edinburgh expedition scheme, fencing, life-saving, public speaking, sports, music and drama) and excursions both in Cyprus and overseas. Its professional staff including around 200 well-trained teachers and its innovative approaches to pedagogy, have helped in increasing the number of students. Today, they teach around 1,300 pupils. Inspected in October 2016 by an International inspectorate (ISI) the school achieved high levels of praise for its work. Pupils at the school achieve increasingly high levels of attainment in public examinations such as IGCSEs and A Levels and students go on to study in prestigious Universities and conservatoires in the UK (including Russell Group) and also in Europe and the USA. The new Ministry of Education approved Apolytirio can only enhance further the rounded package we offer to our students and parents.

The Junior & Senior School constantly strives to keep in touch with the developing world around us and to make the curriculum relevant for pupils. As a Microsoft Showcase School, it is embracing the digital revolution and finding all sorts of opportunities to immerse children in a world of Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things.

The school is housed on two sites (Junior and Senior) comprising modern, state of the art facilities including sports grounds, swimming pools, well-equipped classrooms and science laboratories, drama and music studios and recreational areas.

At The Junior & Senior School over the last few years the teachers have been on a learning journey of their own. They have been exploring new approaches to pedagogy through supportive and collaborative community workshops and have been using this new understanding of how children learn in their teaching to raise academic attainment and increase progress.

The Junior & Senior School is currently developing its provision for the most able and gifted pupils, providing them with individualised learning plans, in collaboration with their parents to ensure that they are stretched and challenged consistently. The school is also organising more extra-curricular opportunities for them including participation in science conferences, Latin clubs and mathematics Olympiads. Furthermore, the school is developing its careers provision by expanding the number of talks, seminars and information sessions available to pupils as they move through the school and make vital decisions and choices. It continues to develop its teaching practice on a daily basis with peer collaboration and regular seminars and workshops to help teachers to develop their practice.

The school has always placed an emphasis on our ‘Pastoral Care’ ensuring that the support it offers its young people is of the highest quality and will inspire them to succeed and grow as independent learners. Each child is given individual attention and allowed to grow in confidence in their abilities and learning.It has a clear code of behaviour and encourage the students through regular rewards whilst guiding them though a firm system of sanctions.

Achievement is carefully monitored so that levels of innate academic potential can be raised as children progress through the School.  Intervention takes place promptly if  children are underachieving.


A truly international school, in 2016  it received praise from international inspectors for its excellent and harmonious community spirit;

“Outstanding cultural awareness pervades the whole of school life in this multinational environment where pupils benefit from being part of a diverse community.

Through interacting in a harmonious, tolerant and open-minded climate, respect is demonstrated for all belief systems and differing cultures.  A strong awareness of Cypriot culture, history and heritage is enhanced by their celebrations of ethnic and cultural diversity in events such as Cyprus day, India Day, and the recognition of Rosh Hashanah, Eid and Christmas.”

ISI October 2016

The inspectors found a school where children enjoyed learning, were well motivated and were proud to be students.

“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning throughout the whole school and show enthusiasm for their work. Junior School pupils concentrate well and co-operate effectively with one another. Senior School pupils demonstrate high levels of motivation and organisation, especially in the sixth form. When given the opportunity to do so, pupils enjoy working independently and respond well when asked to use their own initiative. They are proud of their school and want to achieve highly for themselves but also for their teachers.”

ISI October 2016.

 Applications to the Junior department take place throughout the year while the Senior department will be holding their Entrance Exam for Year 7 entry on Thursday 21st March at 3.30 pm at the school in Latsia and for Year 8 and above, the Entrance Exam will be held on Thursday 28th March at 3.30 pm. Applications are already being accepting by completing the application form online or contacting Mrs. Kasapi directly on 22664855. The deadline for applications to the Senior School is Tuesday 19th March.

This year Academic Scholarships are on offer to high achieving children; for more details, please contact us on 22660156.




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