EUEducationThe Falcon School: Preparing today's young people for tomorrow's world

The Falcon School: Preparing today’s young people for tomorrow’s world

The Falcon School is an English-speaking independent school for girls and boys, which offers a continuous education from Early Years to University entrance. A Falcon education takes place in an active, inquiring learning environment with facilities for languages, the Sciences, the Arts, music and a wide range of sports. Falcon students and teachers are members of a multi-cultural, multi-racial school community which looks to the future, while cherishing traditional values. The schools aims to be critical thinkers and life-long learners, able to adapt and work together, responding to the social and technological challenges of the modern world.


What it offers

  • Small class sizes in a family environment
  • Extensive facilities for sports, music, dance, art and pottery
  • Fully equipped science laboratories, classrooms and facilities for academic study
  • Extra-curricular activities for all ages and interests
  • Structured support for learning and careers advice

High Ability – High Achievement – High Support

Each year, Falcon students prove their academic abilities and strengths, earning places at top Universities in the UK and the USA, and receiving accolades for their achievements. Each year brings students High Achiever Awards in a number of subjects, as well as places at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, St Andrew’s, Durham, Loughborough, UCL, Bath, Surrey, Edinburgh, King’s, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, and Newcastle, among other universities. All Falcon students can expect the very best support with applications to Universities, as an integral part of their school experience.

The Falcon School, aims to extend the scope of students’ learning journey so that it is not limited to the classroom or even the School grounds. Educational trips around Cyprus and to other countries take students away from their everyday environment, challenging them to look at themselves with new eyes in new contexts.

Some of the most high profile events of the School year revolve around the European Youth Parliament and the Model United Nations conferences in which it participates. These activities, in addition to the Toastmasters public speaking club, encourage our students to think about current events and express their views lucidly and articulately.


It’s not just hard work!

Schoolwork and academic achievements are undoubtedly important to us at the Falcon School, but they are not the only things it values. All students are encouraged to develop as well-rounded young people, with interests in a wide range of activities. Clubs and societies operate every afternoon, at no extra charge, for all age groups from Infants to graduate classes. Each year the school hosts a highly popular student Talent Show; there is the annual Photographic competition and Art Exhibition; students organise a Charity Fashion Show; and there are many social activities, including Christmas Parties, days out in the mountains and on the coast, and plenty of other memorable events.

During the summer vacation, the school runs the Falcon Summer School, which is popular with children aged 5 years to 13 years. The 5-week summer school course is a flexible way for children to fill the days of the long summer holiday with worthwhile sporting and creative activities.

Prospective students and parents are invited to contact [email protected] or telephone 22 424781  to make an appointment to view the School. For more information visit the school’s website or its Facebook page.

For admission to the Secondary Department in September 2019, Entrance exams will take place on 15th March 2019. Please contact the school now to register.

… because a great education is the best investment for your child’s future


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