EUEducationGrammar School: academic, student-oriented all-round education

Grammar School: academic, student-oriented all-round education

‘At The Grammar School each child is special. The curriculum is structured in such a way that it takes into account the different skills and abilities of each student. At the same time, we guide students according to global developments in areas such as technology, science and culture in order to prepare them for their chosen careers. The Grammar School’s friendly, safe environment, along with a range of activities and school events, provides the foundations for an academic, student-oriented, all-round education’

Akis Gregoriou, Director-General

  • ENVIRONMENT Students attend lessons in a peaceful and safe environment as the school premises are located outside the city and away from the dangers and temptations which this entails. The spacious campus is designed to enhance the student experience, and modern facilities include a state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, Science and Computer Labs, Cafeteria, extensive sports grounds and a swimming pool area. The school provides a bus service for the safe transportation of children to and from home.
  • EDUCATION/ADVISORS The main objective of The Grammar School is to have a well-organised school community in which teachers respect the students and the students respect their teachers and their peers as well as their environment. Special advisors offer their services to teachers and students and also undertake cases where counselling is needed.
  • TEACHERS At The Grammar School teachers not only teach their subject, but more importantly, they interact with students and assist where possible to resolve any issues that may arise. Their role is to guide students both morally and academically.
  • INNOVATION The Innovation Centre guides our teachers to use technology and robotics in lessons. Thus our students are taught through the use of innovative teaching technologies and methods which develop their abilities and enhance their academic, personal, social and cultural development. Our students learn to collaborate through the use of technology and increase their critical thinking and leadership skills.
  • TECHNOLOGY The Grammar School Nicosia has been a Microsoft Showcase School since 2014 and is a pioneer in the use of technology as well as Robotics in the classroom through the school’s Innovation Centre. Teacher-student-parent communication is facilitated through the use of technology. Parents also receive immediate information about the work their children have been assigned through GSNETlife. The school through its continuous effort for individualised and collaborative learning, introduced the “Bring Your Own Device 1:1 Tablet” programme to align with modern digital learning practices.
  • STEM Programme (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) The Grammar School is the first school in Cyprus to incorporate STEM into its curriculum and has been implementing this since 2015. STEM programmes provide students with an important advantage for admission to universities worldwide. Students wishing to apply for this programme are selected based on their academic performance and examinations. NASA Chief Scientist Dr J.L. Green visited the school and joined the STEM class and informed students about the importance of the STEM programme in general. He also gave an open lecture to students and parents of the school.
  • CULTURE The Grammar School has staged theatrical performances for decades and these have received awards in national competitions in Cyprus and Greece. The annual Grammar School Cultural Evening has become a strong tradition with two performances every year which are live streamed. In 2017, to celebrate the School’s 55th anniversary, The Grammar School hosted renowned Greek composer, poet, singer Dionysis Savvopoulos who performed with the students during the Cultural Evening. The School also organises other activities such as the Talent Show, the Music Festival and Literature Workshops.
  • ATHLETIC PROGRAMMES A competitive Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis and Track and Field programme for talented athletes is integrated into the regular school curriculum without affecting the high academic level of students. The football programme is in cooperation with Liverpool International Academy Cyprus. The basketball programme is supported by Keravnos BC, one of the elite, professional teams in Cyprus. The Tennis programme operates in collaboration with the Eleon Tennis Academy-Photos Kallias. The Track and Field programme operates in collaboration with the Gymnastic Association Pancypria (G.S.P.). Students of the Athletic Programme have the opportunity to enter the scholarship programme on the basis of their academic and athletic performance.
  • UNIVERSITY – HIGHER EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY TEAM Through the large number of courses offered students are able to succeed and excel in their GCE Advanced Level examinations and enter the best universities in the UK including those in the Russell Group. The Higher Educational Advisory Team frequently visits universities in the UK and other countries to receive the latest information about admissions procedures. Furthermore, presentations by universities such as Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial College, King’s College, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Southampton and many others are hosted regularly at the School. Professors from the Engineering Department of the University of Bath visit the school regularly and have organised a Robotics Challenge at the Grammar School Innovation Centre for A Level Physics students while many Grammar School students have been accepted by the University of Bath to study engineering. From 2014 to 2019, a total of 16 Grammar School students have been accepted at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, while many more entered universities in the Russell Group to study Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Science, Engineering, Business, Arts and Science subjects. Grammar School students are well equipped for university life since they have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of committees, clubs, sports and are socially active and prepared for a dynamic and successful future.

Entrance Examinations for Greek and English Speakers will be held at the School premises on Monday 16 March 2020 at 3.30pm.

For more information 22695695, [email protected]

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