EUEducationDe-planning Cyprus: a socio-ecological vision. Online conference

De-planning Cyprus: a socio-ecological vision. Online conference

This project is an attempt to understand the holistic organic co-existence and co-evolution of Cyprus and its inhabitants by reading the ecological and social patterns of life in both temporal and more permanent time frames.
Aiming for resilient co-habitation, this project identifies various possible ways of partnership between the island and the islanders including diverse human and non-human inhabitants.
As an enabler and regenerative project, in addition to a permanent solution for human conflicts, this project tries to restore the modern human’s relation with nature. De-planning refers to de-colonising, de-anthropocentrism, and re-indigenisation approach of this project.
Speaker’s bio
As a temporal residence of the planet Earth, Hossein Sadri concerns about making the planet a better place to live and works as an activist, designer, writer, and teacher to create this change. He is the co-founder of De-Urban Design Studio; the design laboratory that reimagines human settlements as ethical, ecological, and equitable living habitats.
He teaches architecture at Coventry University. His most recent publications include the co-edition of “Cities without Capitalism” (Routledge, 2021), and the authorship of “Urbanisation as Taxidermy: ‘Man’hattanisation of Mannahatta” (Archnet-IJAR, 2021). He completed his PhD studies with a thesis on Architecture and Human Rights.
When Thursday, April 29 at 2:30 PM
Duration 60′
Price Free
Where Online Event live from London
Event by The Bartlett Development Planning Unit UCL

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