EUEducationCyprus University of Technology: Shaping the future together

Cyprus University of Technology: Shaping the future together

This year, the Cyprus University of Technology celebrates its 12 years of operation being the youngest public university in Cyprus. Through a steadily evolving course, the University has succeeded in leading the educational events in Cyprus and enjoys international recognition.

Based on international rankings, the University occupies high positions among the best universities in the world and distinguishes itself among Universities of Greece and Cyprus. The performance of the Cyprus University of Technology reflects the high level of scientific staff, the quality of its research and teaching work, modern curricula as well as the extroversion that characterizes itself, as an academic institution with regional and international intervention. As a centre of excellence in academic research, the University records the highest success rate of research proposals in Cyprus in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme.

As a new, dynamic, and constantly evolving university, it interacts with society and connects the Academy with the country’s productive fabric, promoting entrepreneurship, transfer of know-how, and production of innovation, factors necessary for the economic development of our country. The main concern of the Cyprus University of Technology is to provide society with trained and well-educated scientists, as well as responsible and active citizens with critical thinking. At the same time, as a higher education institution and a vehicle for change and improvement of society, it becomes a forum for dialogue and production of substantiated proposals on environmental, economic, scientific, cultural and social issues, adopting a clear framework of corporate social responsibility and contribution.

Forward-looking studies with value, solid foundations for a career

The Cyprus University of Technology has now become the best choice for tomorrow’s students. The programmes offered by its six Faculties and 13 Academic Departments, its Language Centre and the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health,   do address a wide range of specialties and constitute an important starting point for those who wish to obtain the necessary equipment towards a distinguished career in the future. The programmes are approved by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA).

The undergraduate programmes offered by the Cyprus University of Technology for the academic year 2020-21 take into account the latest developments in applied sciences, industry and the labour market. The postgraduate programmes aim to provide graduates with specialized knowledge and skills for a successful career or for pursuing further studies at a doctoral level.

High employment prospects

 The association of curricula with the needs of society and the labour market as well as the creation of employable graduates is a priority at the Cyprus University of Technology. The combination of high-level scientific training to the structures of enhancing employability and interconnection with the labour market developed at the University result in eight out of 10 students finding their first job in their field of their study in less than six months after their graduation.

Through a strong network of University partners (local shipping and oil companies, Cyprus Shipping Chamber, tourism or trading services) but also international giant companies, students are offered the opportunity for internships and unique career opportunities.

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