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Aigaia School of Art and Design

Aigaia School of Art and Design, is a contemporary private school of tertiary education, the only recognised, specialised art and design school in Cyprus, registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture offering evaluated and accredited programme by the appropriate governmental authority.

Through studying in this creative and unique educational environment, Aigaia’s students will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in conducting self initiated research, to experiment, develop and apply their ideas and their artistic concerns through practical, experiential and creative teaching methods. Students understand the various and different applications of fine and applied arts as well as the opportunities for career choices and future development. One of the major aims of Aigaia School of Art and Design is to create distinct artistic personalities, who can apply their knowledge and their creative thinking in any field or chosen career.

The evaluated and accredited two-year Diploma in Visual Arts offers specialisations in Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Photography, Multidimensional Approach to Fine Art, Performance, Video art, Graphic design, Illustration, Jewellery design, Theatre and Costume design, Interior design, Fashion design, Textile design, Film and Animation, etc.

In the level of HND (Higher National Diploma), students can specialize in Fine Art, Photography and Fashion & Textiles. With the successful completion of the two year HND Diploma, students can be accepted in the final year of a Bachelors Degree (BA) in British Universities.

The four-year course in Visual Arts offers an exciting, dynamic experience of a constantly evolving area of study. The degree of Visual Arts at Aigaia is looking for students that want to be innovative and to experiment with ideas and enables them to discover painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, installation, video art, performance and generally a multidimensional approach to fine art. The course is based on the personal artistic development of each individual student; depending on their individual characteristics, developing self-confidence and ambitions, allowing them to express themselves freely, to produce work and after graduation, work on a wide range of careers related to the arts.

Aigaia also offers the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in which the emphasis and main aim is given to the creation of an extensive portfolio of artwork through the introduction into the many different specialisations of art & design. As a result the students will be offered more than one places in Bachelor degree courses in art Universities abroad.

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