EUEducationAcademic Excellence Awards by ISOP

Academic Excellence Awards by ISOP

The International School of Paphos (ISOP) recently held the Academic Excellence Award at the school’s Sports Hall of the school attended by the Chairman and the Members of the Board of Directors, the Senior Management, the teachers, the parents and the pupils.

“I am really touched by the achievements of our pupils, who have made and continue to make our school and their families proud. Their examination results are a great example of the skills and capabilities they can develop. This beautiful evening is dedicated to our young talents, whose hard work and dedication have contributed to the ISOP’s great success,” school head teacher Dr Litsa Olympiou said.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Theodoros Aristodemou referred to the Boarding House that opened for the first time this year. “We believe that it is a great asset for the ISOP family and for our city as a whole. Many events will be held here and we feel proud that we are once again pioneers in the sector of education. We are soon starting the development of our own state-of-the-art theatre,” he said.

During the Academic Excellence Awards ceremony, 83 Certificates of Excellence were awarded as follows: 8 Platinum Awards, 17 Gold Awards, 25 Silver Awards and 5 Bronze Awards.

Furthermore, 25 scholarships were given to pupils who achieved excellent academic results, worth more than €35,000.

The programme of the event included a video with all the highlights from the 2018-2019 academic year and a classical music performance by  ISOP pupils and teachers.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a cocktail party in the gardens of the newly-opened Boarding House, which is located on campus.


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