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A Few Words from a Group of Busy Medical Student Volunteers of European University Cyprus

The COVID19 Pandemic hit us all by surprise. It is something that has taken over all our lives. As the situation progressively became worse, as the disease spread and the healthcare facilities became overwhelmed, we could do nothing but watch, initially.

When we heard there was a need for helping hands, without thinking twice about it, we were ready to help in whatever ways we could. Being constantly involved in the field of medicine and understanding how this pandemic is affecting us all, we understood that every contribution, big or small, is very valuable to the community. We understand at this current time of crisis, the impact of helping other people, providing the community what it needs and to serve our community back just like how it supported us when we were all in need.

We believe we are capable of inciting change and making progress. We also believe if few of us step up, it’ll inspire other people to contribute in every way they can. Together we will overcome these hardships. We believe there is a glimmer of hope in this pandemic and we would like to emit this hope to others, to offer strength and positivity to people all around us. It shows, even in this difficult situation we are all in, humanity still stays strong, we still come together to help each other out.

Apart from serving the community, we also gain experience and skills that will aid us in tackling problems in our medical future, and also make us better humans. Despite the circumstance, when we see overworked doctors smile at us, when we see patients thanking us; it makes us happy about the profession we are in and the privilege we have to keep on helping.

We strongly hope we all remain united, strong, safe, and succeed in this battle our world is facing.

Angela Ishak, Alexander Aschermann, Anastasia Avloniti, Giorgos Pikis, Haris Christodoulou, Mikaela Michaelidou, Sofia Hadjiosif

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