EUConsumer RightsTravelling by air? The EU has you covered

Travelling by air? The EU has you covered

Consumers travelling by air are protected by EU legislation.

In the event of a flight delay, loss or damage to luggage or the cancellation or overbooking of a flight, there are provisions in EU directive 261/2004 says the legal advisor of the European Consumer Centre Anastasia Stylianidou. In her interview she outlines the time limits which apply and are intended to ensure fair treatment of passengers.

Airlines are obliged to inform passengers on their rights and what compensation they are allowed. Should the airline not compensate the passenger, then the European Consumer Centre intercedes she added. If the delay is at night, the airline must make arrangements to accommodate passengers in hotels.

Yiorgos Mavroyiannis of the Commerce Ministry explains what protections are in place under EU laws to protect consumers who travel on packages and which are not in line with the contract or which are took expensive. He said the law, in line with EU requirements, has been in force for one year. It is an amendment of a previous law so as to take into consideration the changed landscape and particularly the use of the internet.

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