EUAnimal RightsEU implementing good practices for farm animals (video)

EU implementing good practices for farm animals (video)

EU animal activists are mobilising to end the use of cages for chickens as part of wider action in relation to ensure better treatment for farm animals, says Kyriakos Kyriakou, president of the Animal Party Cyprus and an adviser to President Nicos Anastasiades on animal welfare.

He told Radio Active that EU law was changed three years ago, categorizing animals as creatures which feel, pain cold and heat and are not just commodities

In February, 14 animal rights political parties will meet in Strasbourg to agree on a joint strategy and policy manifesto.
This will be the second such meeting and aims to send a message. The parties will also stage a protest as regards transport of animals. He said the EU has a number of directive and regulations, primarily for farm animals. These also relate to transport and slaughter houses.
Kyriakou said that a new wind was blowing as regards animal welfare and expressed the hope this will lead to better regulations as quickly as possible.

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