InsiderEconomyEnergy Minister assures companies continue planning in Cyprus' EEZ

Energy Minister assures companies continue planning in Cyprus’ EEZ

Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry Natasa Pilides has assured that companies active in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone are moving forward with their planning.

Addressing the members of the parliamentary Committee on Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism on Tuesday, Pilides said the government is in contact with all companies involved.

They companies do not expect any further delays due to the coronavirus and are proceeding with their plans according to the timeframes agreed upon.

Pilides pointed out that “we have assurances from all companies that they remain committed to the schedule we have agreed upon”.

Furthermore, she noted that the LNG import project will also be concluded on time, and that everything was going as planned regarding the EuroAsia and EuroAfrica interconnectors.

She concluded by saying Cyprus was also continuing consultations in order to sign the articles of association with involved neighbouring countries for the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum over the next few weeks.


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