NewsLocalElefheria Square not taking into account needs of blind people

Elefheria Square not taking into account needs of blind people

Discrimination against blind people and their exclusion from the center of Nicosia, denounced the Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind, adding that the Municipality spent European funds for projects which exclude blind people from the capital’s activities.

Referring to the project of Eleftheria Square, the Organisation said that it was planned without any consultation with them or with the Confederation representing people with disabilities at a national level.

More specifically they pointed out that there is incorrect placement of sidewalk guides, little or no signs for blind, wrong dimensions and distances of equipment from pavement, no connectivity between roads and public areas.

The Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind is specifically accusing the Nicosia Municipality and the mayor, saying they remain stuck in an anachronistic period of the past.


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