NewsLocalElectronic vaccination portal's updating too slow, Health Ministry seeks alternatives

Electronic vaccination portal’s updating too slow, Health Ministry seeks alternatives

With the process of updating the state’s electronic vaccination portal way too slow the Health Ministry is considering alternative solutions so as to proceed with the provision of Covid-19 boosters.

Priority for the third dose will have the elderly and vulnerable groups of society, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

In the meantime, the Ministry is speeding up the procedure for this year’s vaccination of  vulnerable groups of society with the flu jab.

Philenews also reports that the Ministry of Innovation seems not to be ready to “deliver” the Portal for electronic appointments to start before the first week of October.

That’s why the Ministry is getting ready to implement, even temporarily, parallel procedures.

Because the number of fully vaccinated elderly and other vulnerable people who are infected with the virus and end up in hospitals with serious symptoms is on the rise.

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