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Elderly populations across EU regions

In 2019, 20.3% of the EU population was aged 65 years or over; this was 0.3 percentage points higher than a year before and 2.9 percentage points higher than the corresponding share from a decade earlier.

In Cyprus, the figure stood at 16.11%.

The figures into the elderly population across EU regions were published by Eurostat. Older people are considered at higher risk from the coronavirus.

Across the EU Member States, the highest share of the elderly in the total population in 2019 was observed in Italy (22.8%), followed by Greece (22.0%), Portugal and Finland (21.8% each), Germany (21.5%) and Bulgaria (21.3%).

The lowest shares were recorded in Ireland (14.1%) and in Luxembourg (14.4%).

According to a breakdown of Eurostat’s 2019 figures, the population in Cyprus was 875,899 of which:
45,193 were aged over 65-69

36,574 aged from 70-74

59,345 were aged over 75

At regional level, the highest shares of elderly people were found in Chemnitz (28.9%) in Germany, followed by Liguria (28.5%) in Italy, Ipeiros (27.0%) in Greece, Limousin (26.7%) in France and Sachsen-Anhalt (26.5%) in Germany. The lowest shares were recorded in Mayotte (2.7%) and Guyane (5.8%) in France and in Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla (10.7%) in Spain.


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