NewsLocalEight arrested for fire crackers; 79 booked for breaking decree

Eight arrested for fire crackers; 79 booked for breaking decree

Police officers on patrol overnight to check compliance with stay at home decrees arrested eight youths for throwing firecrackers, an Easter ‘tradition’ prohibited by law.

Moreover, after 4083 checks, they booked a total of 79 drivers and pedestrians for breaking the decree aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The fire service was also out in force, extinguishing dozens of illegal Easter bonfires while a 17 year old suffered injuries to his left hand when a fire cracker exploded as he was trying to throw it.

Fire service scrambles to extinguish Easter bonfires overnight

Four people were arrested in Larnaca in two different incidents for possessing and throwing fire crackers.

In Nicosia, two young men caught throwing fire crackers in Tseri were arrested. A number of fire crackers found in their possession were confiscated.

In Limassol, police arrested a young man throwing fire crackers. He also had 15 other fire crackers in his possession.

In the Morphou area, police arrested a 25 year old who lit an Easter bonfire (lambradjia) in a river bed.

All eight were charged in writing and released.

They were also booked for not having obtained permission to leave the house.

Overall, police carried out 4083 checks regarding compliance with the stay at home decree over the 12 hour period of 6 pm on Saturday and 6 am on Sunday and issued 79 out of court fines.

Nicosia: 976 checks, 31 booked

Limassol: 815 checks, 20 booked

Larnaca: 311 checks, 16 booked

Paphos: 569 checks, 2 booked

Famagusta: 124 checks, 7 booked

Morphou: 1157 checks, 2 booked

Police HQ traffic unit: 124 checks, none booked

MMAD: 7 checks, 1 booked

In addition, police checked 725 premises. None were booked.

Nicosia: Youth seriously injured by fire cracker

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