News Local Education Ministry: 'Sick children should stay at home'

Education Ministry: ‘Sick children should stay at home’

The Health and Safety office of the Education Ministry has announced measures for combating and prevention of the seasonal flu via a circular sent to schools today, philenews reports.

In the announcement, the ministry advises the following:

  • Vaccination of the vulnerable population groups following directions of their Personal Doctor
  • Strict adherence to the Ministry of Health instructions to keep the virus from spreading by following basic hygiene rules pertaining to the flu and respiratory illnesses.
  • Sick children should stay at home once they present symptoms of a respiratory infection. They are free to return to school once their fever subsides
  • In case of cough or sneezes, the mouth should be covered with the hand, and any tissues used should be discarded immediately followed by washing of hands
  • Avoid face-to-face contact with a person presenting symptoms of a respiratory infection
  • Frequently wash hands with soap or antiseptic and avoid touching face with dirty hands
  • Follow a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and exercise
  • Properly ventilate closed spaces during recess, and keep common areas clean

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