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Easter price observatory: How much do meat and flaounes cost?

The Consumer Protection Service has carried out a survey of retail prices for Easter, covering meat and flaounes, sweet and savoury.

Prices are for the two days of April 13 and 14.

As regards meat, the survey covered 82 points of sale, including large and small supermarkets and local butchers, while for flaounes they covered 49 points of sale (large and small supermarkets and bakeries).

The price observatory covers all the districts.

It publishes the maximum, minimum and average price for a range of cuts of meat– lamb, kid, pork, beef, chicken and rabbit — as well as for flaounes. The data is also reproduced in excel per outlet.

Supermarket working hours during the Holy Week

In addition, there is a comparison with last year’s prices taking the average price at large supermarkets only.

As regards meat, all prices are higher than last year with the exception of beef mince and chicken breast. The increase ranges from 2% for whole chicken to 15% for pork loin with bone. Flaounes are 7.2% more expensive this year.

The price observatory is a useful tool for consumers and enhances transparency and competition in the market, the ministry said. But it clarified that the observatory is intended as a guide and does not constitute a recommendation nor can it replace consumers’ own market research consumers, based on their preferences and needs. Moreover, the observatory does not intend to suggest to consumers where they should shop.

It noted that the products vary in quality which cannot be factored into the Observatory. It also noted that because of the coronavirus outbreak, the information was collected by phone and other electronic means.

All the information is available on the service’s website on:

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