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EAC opens Smart Poles competition aiming to transform cities

The Electricity Authority has invited proposals for the acquisition of Smart Poles in Cyprus worth up to €3 million, Phileleleftheros reported on Friday.

Smart Pole manufacturers participating in the competition will be asked to supply upcoming projects as part of a “Smart City” transformation.

The Smart Poles will be offered to interested Municipalities to erect them at designated areas within their territory.

The Smart Poles will provide lighting from various sources and will include a series of sensors, such as lighting getting turned on as soon as it becomes dark and turned off at dawn.

At the same time, they will be able to have other sensors such as motion, air, smoke etc. And they will also allow for the installation of Wi-Fi systems in them for the extension or local coverage of wireless internet.

The “standard” equipment will also include cameras that will be able to transmit signal via wireless internet, as well as built-in microphones and loudspeakers – up to 30 watts.

The tender includes the necessary software that will be controlled and managed by the local Authority,  as well as by maintenance services. EAC is interested in poles from 4.5m to 9m high to meet all needs.


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