InsiderBusiness€500,000 payout at Limassol casino (video)

€500,000 payout at Limassol casino (video)

A €500,000 payout at Limassol’s temporary casino is the biggest in Cyprus so far Craig Ballatyne, Property President of City of Dreams Mediterranean said on Tuesday.

The largest amount lost – also at Limassol — is €130,000. Both individuals were non-Cypriots.

Ballantyne was speaking on the occasion of the launch of operations of the C2 Nicosia, the first satellite casino and the second licensed casino in Cyprus.

It has five gaming tables and 50 gaming machines.

Ballantyne said that the Larnaca satellite casino will start operation on December 21. Covering a total area of 158 square metres and divided in two sections – one in arrivals and in departures – it will have 42 gaming machines.

The Ayia Napa satellite casino is expected to start operations in the run up to Easter while that in Paphos will open later as consultations for the venue are still on going.

A final decision on the contractor who will build the luxury integrated casino resort at Phasouri is expected in January. Ballantyne said the total cost of the investment would exceed the projected €555m but did not elaborate.

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