NewsLocal€36,500 in fines for undeclared work in Larnaca

€36,500 in fines for undeclared work in Larnaca

Labour inspectors issued €36,500 in administrative fines for undeclared work after joint inspections with police of two bars/restaurants, a tavern and a fast food restaurant in Larnaca.

Undeclared work is defined as any paid activities that are lawful as regards their nature, but not declared to public authorities. It is often carried out in sectors like construction, renovation or repair works, gardening, cleaning, provision of childcare or HORECA (Hotel / Restaurant / Catering – food services).

Of the 13 individuals working in one bar/restaurant, eight were undeclared and inspectors issued an administrative fine of €28,000. At the second bar/restaurant, both individuals were undeclared and inspectors issued a €7000 fine.

Both individuals working at a fast food restaurant were also found to be undeclared. Inspectors issued a fine of €1200. No undeclared employees were found at the tavern.

Police said that they would continue concerted action with Labour inspectors to weed out undeclared work.

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