InsiderEconomyE-scooters to be finally legalized after a Cabinet decision

E-scooters to be finally legalized after a Cabinet decision

The cabinet, during today’s meeting, has finally approved the legislation to settle the movement of scooters or e-scooters.

The international community has not kept pace of developments and as a result there is no common European or international way to deal with them. As a result each country is trying to settle the issue separately, taking into consideration road safety, mobility but also the facts in each country.

The Transport Ministry provided the following:

  • Scooters will move in areas specified for bicycles
  • Users must be 16 and over
  • They must wear helmet
  • Rented scooters must have insurance
  • Scooters must have stoppers, lights at the front and back, bell.
  • Maximum speech: 15 kilometers per hour

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