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Dumplings Chinese Restaurant

The sweetest Ellie who came to us from Tianjin, China 16 years ago, decided to open a restaurant specializing in dumplings and wontons and we thank her from the bottom of our bellies for this decision. This restaurant offers us the unique opportunity to taste authentic homemade Chinese dishes (and not the well-known Cypriot Chinese) as it prepares the food with traditional Chinese spices and traditional cooking methods. Dumplings boiled, steamed and fried, whatever your heart wants. If dumplings are not your taste, they also offer nice dishes with noodles, soups and dishes of meat. After the wonderful food, a digestive and soothing Chrysanthemum tea is required.

Agora Anexartisias, shop 15, Limassol, 99367010, Monday to Sunday 11:30-23:00.

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