NewsLocalDrunk couple assault driver after traffic collision

Drunk couple assault driver after traffic collision

A couple physically assaulted a 52 year old driver after a traffic collision in Paphos on Monday, philenews reports.

According to authorities, a car driven by a 30 year old woman, with her 38 year old partner in the passenger’s seat – under conditions which are being investigated – collided with a car driven by a 52 year old coming in the opposite direction.

After the crash, the 38 year old man punched the 52 year old on the head, before getting back in the car and fleeing.

Police say that the couple are responsible for the accident as they had been allegedly drunk and were driving erratically.

They were both arrested on Monday night and face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, physical assault, negligent driving and abandoning a scene of a road accident.

Both cars were slightly damaged by the accident. The 52 year old driver was not injured.

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