Insider Business DP World Limassol: New investments for Limassol port

DP World Limassol: New investments for Limassol port

Two and a half years after taking over the operations of the Multi-Purpose and the New Cruise Terminals at the Limassol port, DP World Limassol on Wednesday presented the upgrades and investments in infrastructure and equipment.

The company said that it had acquired brand-new equipment in January 2019 as part of an ongoing upgrade of the Limassol port infrastructure. The new machinery was put into operation in March 2019, following intensive training of staff and has contributed to speeding up operations at the Multi-purpose port terminal. More specifically, the new equipment includes:

  • A new, high-tech LHM 420 mobile harbour crane, with maximum lifting capacity of 144 tons and radius of 54 metres enhancing the efficient handling and transportation of bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, oil and gas. This equipment features outstanding mobility and manoeuvrability while it produces low emissions and has lower noise levels.
  • A Liebherr reach stacker, designed for fast handling of containers and semi-trailers. It has an economical 230 kW Liebherr diesel engine that provides fuel savings of up to 30% compared to the market average and reduced emissions. It also, features small turning radius for comfortable driving experience, high mobility and all-round visibility.

DP World Limassol has also, invested in the acquisition of various other equipment including internal cargo platforms used for Ro-Ro and container operations, fork lifts, ITVs and trailers and various crane attachments.

More than 180,000 cruise passengers

DP World Limassol has served more than 180,000 passengers at the New Cruise Terminal via transit or home port calls since the takeover of the operations of the terminal.

By the end of July 2019, DP World Limassol will have served over 30 cruise vessels both transit and home port. In 2018, 68 arrivals were recorded while for 2019 a total of 93 arrivals are expected, of which 53 will be transit calls and 40 home port calls marking an increase of over 35%. The same incremental trend is expected to continue in 2020.

Emphasis on modernisation

The Company has proceeded with significant investments in order to modernise the New Cruise Terminal and enhance tourists’ experience.

These investments include the complete landscaping of the surrounding area, the installation of an automated irrigation system, the installation of a full range of latest technology, in all internal and external areas, including remote smart monitors in both arrival and departure halls.

Furthermore, it has installed state of the art CCTV & access control systems and a full range of recycling bins within the terminals. It is worth noting that two new duty free shops are ready to operate later this summer.

In addition, DP World Limassol was awarded at the recent 2019 Cyprus Tourism Awards with the Silver Award in the category of “Strategy & Innovation/Modernisation of Infrastructure” while MedCruise recognised the terminal as the “Most Efficient Cruise Terminal” in the maiden MedCruise Awards.

Oil & Gas logistics base

An onsite Oil & Gas logistics base has also been established at DP World Limassol area. It is a multi-user area that can support Oil & Gas operations that includes a 430-metre dedicated berth to Oil & Gas activities, mobilisation/demobilisation operations, open bonded and covered storages/warehouses, offices and drilling liquid production facilities.

Speaking at the event, the General Manager of DP World Limassol, Charles Meaby, stated that: “We are proud of what we have achieved so far. Limassol port is a main driver of growth and DP World Limassol contributes substantially in its development thus, positively affecting the country’s economy while generating multiple benefits for the local community”.

Meaby added that “At DP World Limassol our focus is on innovating and optimising our assets, so we can offer solutions to meet our partners’ and customers’ needs and advance global trade – reliably, efficiently, effectively and responsibly whilst providing a great customer experience.


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