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Doubts about plan to murder Dinos Ellinas

Doubts have started emerging regarding the case of the planned murder of Dinos Ellinas, President of the School Board. Three people, two brothers contractors from Limassol and a Palestinian, have been arrested so far for the case. According to the informer, the Palestinian is the person who provided the two brothers with guns.

However, so far the said informer has not given a written statement about what he said regarding the suspects.

In order to convince the police, the informer seems to have pointed out certain transfers that took place by the two contractors through Revolut card.

So, the Police proceeded with the issue of court warrants even though in similar cases the suspects are first requested to testify and if there is evidence against them, then they arrest them. Questions also arise about the fact that the Judge approved the arrest warrants based on the informer’s testimony.

Another thing that should have been raised is the credibility of the informer since he is someone well-known to the Authorities. He knew the brothers because he was working at their company, but according to information he had been fired some time ago.

Furthermore, according to Phileleftheros information, so far the Police have found no evidence about anything suspicious regarding the three people arrested, despite searches of their residences. Also the Palestinian claimed that during the time mentioned by the informer, he was not even in Cyprus.

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