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Doctor says lockdown “expression of our incompetence”

In a posting on social media, pulmonologist Charis Armeftis is wondering whether the “lockdown is nothing more than the expression of our incompetence?”  He is also asking whether we could have avoided it, pointing out that if as a state and as a society we had done what we should have done, then, YES we could have avoided it.”

Through his posting, in fact the doctor is strongly criticizing the government’s handling on the issue of the pandemic.

He noted that:

  1. We knew from the example of Bergamo that people at old people’s homes are more in danger.
  2. We saw other countries carrying out rapid tests en mass but we ignored that useful tool.
  3. When other countries were getting ready for the second wave and were ordering vaccines we were celebrating the success story and opening our airports.
  4. We knew that our hospitals were understaffed but did nothing about it.
  5. We left open places we should have closed due to some people’s financial and other interests and closed others that had no problem.
  6. We had been trying for months to convince people to wear a mask.

For all these reason we are now in a lockdown which is nothing more that the outcome of lack of discipline, organization and ability to implement effective measures.


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