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Disgruntled MPs and officers leave Democratic Party

Democratic Party (DIKO) MPs Georgios Prokopiou, Angelos Votsis and Marinos Moushouttas, as well as Vice President Alecos Tryfonides and former member of the Central Committee Christos Tsingis, announced on Tuesday that they are leaving the party and forming a political platform to appeal to all citizens who embrace the ideology of the broader centre.

The five members of the party have informed DIKO President Nicholas Papadopoulos and President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris of their decision noting that it is “a political act of responsibility and consistency to our principles and the people of DIKO.”

In a joint statement, they refer to political disagreements, noting that they had exhausted all other means to reach an understanding.

They say they had stayed in the party hoping that things would change for the better adding that it was a difficult decision to take, and that they would continue to represent the citizens by supporting positions and policies that are close to them.

Source: CNA

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