DiscoverWorld Cultural Diversity Day 2023

World Cultural Diversity Day 2023

Cyprus, located between Africa, Asia and Europe is at a crossroads where many different civilisations have left their mark. Just by walking through the historic centre of the capital, you can feel the multicultural heritage of the city and the continued presence of diverse cultures through the architecture, the sights, the sounds and the smells that influence the city’s landscape.

Although the division in Cyprus is associated with a bi-communal conflict, the unresolved situation affects many more people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This year, Generation for Change CY and Hade are celebrating the World Day of Cultural Diversity, to showcase the multicultural reality that makes up the Cyprus of today.

The event will take place at Faneromeni Square in Nicosia on Saturday, May 20, between 5:30 pm and 10 pm, and promises to be an exciting and engaging celebration of cultural diversity. Individuals and groups from different parts of the world that share this island as their home, will showcase their unique clothing traditions, music, dance, art, food and more.

This event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the richness and beauty of Cyprus and the world, learn about different cultures, and promote mutual respect and understanding.

Join the celebrations mingling together rich cultures to learn from each other the importance of cultural preservation, the challenges of cultural integration, and the benefits of cultural exchange.

So mark your calendars on May 20 to celebrate the World Day of Cultural Diversity!

If you wish to participate and showcase your culture, kindly contact the organisers by Monday, May 15 at: [email protected] or +35722100794.

The event is organised by Generation for Change CY and Hade and is supported by the Nicosia Municipality.

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