DiscoverWhite cliffs of Governor's Beach that look like dreaming whales...

White cliffs of Governor’s Beach that look like dreaming whales…

Governor’s Beach is located between Larnaca and Limassol – about 40 km west of Larnaca and 30 km east of Limassol. There is a 2 km shoreline, with sandy and pebble beaches, deep crystal waters, underwater caves. It is also a blue flag beach.


Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rocky Coast, Seaside

Sunset, Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rocky Coast

If you want to escape the crowded beaches with too many people and noise, opt for this place. There are plenty of good fish taverns in this area so you can combine a beach walk or swimming (depending on the season) with a nice lunch or dinner by the sea

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Name Origin
The name reportedly comes from a former British governor who spent much of his time sunning himself here.

Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rocky Coast, Seaside

The cliffs owe their striking appearance to their composition of white limestone accented by black sand. Fishermen and sunbathers love them for their smooth surface. The cliffs are cool even in scorching hot July noon in sharp contrast to the dark sand below that gets very hot in high summer.

The cliffs are extremely photogenic as they look like big white whales facing the sea

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Cove, Beach, Rock, White, Cliff, Geology, Scenery

Cyprus, Governor'S Beach, Coastal Path, Scenery, Meadow

Sea, Seashore, Nature, Landscape, Rock, White

Cove, Beach, Rock, Cliff, Geology, Scenery, Scenic, Sea




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