The village of Trimiklini is located 27 km from Limassol, between Limassol and Troodos Mountain. Since many years ago it was a necessary stopover for rest.
At the village’s square local residents sell their products for the travellers. The residents for many years now grow grapes and fruit trees (nectarines, peaches, plums and pears).They have also long been engaged in the production of zivania and wine, which are the traditional beverages of Cyprus.

Visitors can buy traditional and biological cypriot products, and visit the only artificial lake on the island which the water never dries. This lake was created by Kouris river which passes by the are. The old bridges of Trimiklini also interesting to see. The unique double bridge of Trimiklini used to connect the old road from Limassol to Troodos. Right opposite the bridge visitors can see the dam of Saittas Village.

The church of Panagia Eleousa
Chapel of Panagia Eleousa
Church of Agios Mnasonas

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