Sitting on the ridge between the Dhiarizos and Xeros valleys where, in years gone by, mighty rivers once flowed, the village of Salamiou is a hidden treasure in beautiful countryside, waiting to be discovered.
Those who want to relax, those who want to explore and all who want to enjoy the colourful traditions of Cyprus are welcome here.

How to get to Salamiou VillageHigh way Limassol-Paphos,
Off-ramp Kouklia -Troodos B6
Turn to F616
Turn to F617
The first village is Choletria followed by Stavrokonou, Kelokedara and Salamiou

Lagria Winery
Lagria winery is located in Salamiou village in Paphos region at a height of 700m. The winery has four wines and among their grape wines are Xynisteri, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavro. The winery has moved to a new building with modern winemaking equipment and has an annual capacity of 100 000 bottles.
Telephone: +357 26 95 24 11,

You can also dine in at the Stou Violari Tavern where you can taste traditional cypriot food and of course the local wine.
Telephone: + 357 99404872

Courtesy of the Community Council of Salamiou

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