DiscoverVillagesPaliomylos: A small and picturesque village in Limassol

Paliomylos: A small and picturesque village in Limassol

The picturesque village of Paliomylos is located in the beautiful valley of Marathasa, north of the Troodos mountains!
The village it is built at an average altitude of 1040 metres.
A number of small streams, of the Diarizos River, crisscross the mountainous countryside.
The village owes its name to a watermill which was located in the area and was used by the first inhabitants here.
Paliomylos it is built in a green beautiful environment and features many characteristics of rural mountain architecture. Of special interest is the small 17th century church of Stavros with its wall frescoes.

Lyrics from a Cypriot song:

Στο διάβα του εμύριζε / θυμάρι και φασκόμηλο / κι έκοβε ανθούς της κερασιάς.
-Γύριζε, μύλε, γύριζε, / τραγούδα τον Παλιόμυλο / νεράιδα μιας ποταμοσιάς.”


Photos by Elena Matsoukatova
Praxia Aresti

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