DiscoverVillagesMilikouri: The village of legends and traditions

Milikouri: The village of legends and traditions

Milikouri is a small village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, located just south of Kykkos Monastery. It  dates back at the medieval times when it was a royal fief.

Built in 1726, Agios Georgios church is one of the village’s greatest attractions. The church it is dedicated to Agios Minas, to Panagia Eleousa and to Agios Georgios.

If you love exploring nature then you will enjoy walking the Kattouthkia (kittens) Natural Trail which passes from the village. The trail starts from Pedoulas and finishes at Kykkos Monastery.

At the village there are tow coffee shops / taverns where you can taste a Cypriot coffee or a rich meze.

Tel. 22942332 – 99442360

Tel. 22942220 – 99806910

If you wish to spend the night, you can choose among the many available guest houses which are located near Agios Georgios Church.

For reservations call 99620068 or send an email to [email protected]

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