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Louvaras VIllage

Located in the Lemesos (Limassol) district, Louvaras sits in an altitude of 850 metres on the Troodos mountain range, in the picturesque Pitsilia area, just 28 km from Lemesos town. The village can be reached by following the E110 route.

Louvaras is one of the wine producing villages of the island, and is particularly known for its Commandaria dessert wine.

Under Frankish rule, the village belonged to the Grand Commandery of Knights Hospitaller, whose seat was in Kolossi near Lemesos, and the production of Commandaria dates back to this time. The sweet wine is made with the indigenous grape varieties of Xynisteri (white) and Mavro (red).

Aside from its traditional architecture of stone-built houses – with their wooden balconies and picturesque lofts – the old village church dedicated to Agios Mamas (built in 1454) is also an interesting sight. A short distance from the church stands an old olive press, which was recently restored, whilst there is also a beautiful picnic site ‘Kakomallis’ located 6 km from the village.

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