Kannaviou is a village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, located 9 km west of Pano Panagia. The village today has less than 100 inhabitants. The name of village comes from cannabis (kannavouri) because it used to flurish at the area. However, today you won’t find any cannabis here, just olive trees, vineyards, oak trees and plane trees.
If you visit the area don’t miss a walk to Kannaviou Dam where the forest of Paphos also starts. You can also visit the chapel of Panagia Chryselousa which offers a panoramic view of the area and finally you can rest at the Kannaviou Picnic site with the impressive plane trees. The Ezousa river passes through the picnic site making the area even more beautiful.

The village is also the home of Ezousa Winery, where you taste xynisteri and maratheftiko wines guided by owner of Michalis Constantinides

Giannos Tavern and Eleni Restaurant are the two places in the village where you have your lunch or dinner tasting traditional cypriot food at its best.

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