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Kampos Tsakkistras

Tsakkistra is a village in the district of Nicosia, within the geographical district of Marathasa, around 72 Km southwest from the capital.

It is 35 Km away from Morfou, which lies on its North East. After the 1974 Turkish invasion and the cutting off of the main road joining the village with Nicosia, one can reach the village using the Kykkos-Gerakia road: this route is around 115 Km.

Tsakkistra is built on on the upper part of the Kampos river valley, at a height of 790 m. Its western limits lie within the district borders of Nicosia and Paphos. The landscape is mountainous with narrow, deep valleys, abrupt slopes, and high mountain peaks, some of which are over 1000 m.

Churches / chapels:

Agios Nicolaos
Panagia ton Elikon
Profitis Elias.

Flora / Fauna

Tsakkistra has a particularly beautiful landscape. The flora of the area numbers around 180 species and the fauna around 85 species. There is also, always the possibility of seeing mouflons.

The Kampos dam also offers a beautiful sight.

There are various nature trails around the village.

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