DiscoverVillagesInvited Talk: “Working with Nature: Bio-Solea" on February 15

Invited Talk: “Working with Nature: Bio-Solea” on February 15

The Bio-Solea project brings together a team of experts and activities that are enhanced through their perfect complementarity. Their vision is to demonstrate how harmonious synergies with nature can create a sustainable future for our Island. Their approach is holistic and synergetic. Bio-Solea is an Integrated project, consisting of 3 main parts that will be licensed and developed into 2 different sites.
Esso Galata:
Organic Botanical Park: In their Park, they are in the process of integrating a truly sustainable eco-lodge that will blend in the landscape and they want to provide their guests with a world-class Apitherapy and holistic wellness center.
Research and Innovation: Their unique synergetic operating system could not be complete without collaborations with the Academic world, to achieve this, they are prepared to provide facilities for researchers and students that will find a wide range of research opportunities with the unique advantage of the holistic integrations of elements in all Bio-Solea.
Solea Valley:
Organic Honey: They are crafting and selling high-quality organic bee products using natural beekeeping practices
Organic food products: Following Hippocrates’s principle of “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” they are developing a permaculture farm for their guest to enjoy farm to fork, delicious, organic food, and artisan products.
When Tuesday, February 15 at 10 am
Where Online

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