DiscoverVillagesInside the beautiful courtyards of Lania Village

Inside the beautiful courtyards of Lania Village

Lania is one of the most beautiful, clean and picturesque villages of Cyprus. Many foreign artists and retired rich people choose to buy or rent a house here in order to enjoy the fresh air, the green environment and the tranquillity of the area. The residents take care a lot of the village and their stoned traditional houses something which is quite obvious if you take a walk in the narrow streets of the village. The residents are also very hospitable and they let you in their beautiful courtyards which are decorated with flowers.

On the 11th  and 12th of May we attended the annual event where the residents of Lania decorate their doors with wreaths and open their courtyards for the visitors. We also had some cats for company.

Take a look!

Photos by Praxia Aresti

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