Goudi is a village in the Chrysochous valley of the Pafos district nestled on the banks of River Tzelepis. It is situated 100 meters above sea level and is spread over a mild hillside between 60 and 120 meters.
Cereals, pulses, tobacco, vegetables, vines, citrus, almonds, olives and carobs are grown in the area. One olive press still working in the village. Goudi is linked to the south and southeast with the villages of Holli, Skoulli and to the east with the main road of Pafos – Polis. It is 6 kilometers from Polis and lies 250 meters from the river of Chrysochous.
The most important source as to the origin of the present-day settlement is De Mas Latrie (French Researcher) who mentions the village with the name ‘Vouti’. He also includes it in the list of the Lusignano-Venetian royal estate and places it in the Chrysochous countryside together with eleven other villages. According to one interpretation, the village is named after the first settler or owner of the village, who was probably called Goudis. It may, however, come from the word ‘Voutima’ (dip in water), or Vouttin’ (small earthenware jar).

Activities and places of interest
Visit the village Church, Swim in Latchi and Polis beaches just a few minutes drive away, Hike in the area’s Nature trails ( ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Adonis’ , ‘ Smigies’ and ‘Avakas Gorge’ trails) and follow the Wine Routes no. 1 (Laona – Akamas) and no. 2 (Vouni-Ambelitis), explore Akamas peninsula national park and go to Lara Beach.

Supermarkets and coffee shop

Larnaka airport – 159 km
Pafos airport – 40 km

Source: www.agrotourism.com.cy

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