The village of Fasoula is in the district of Limassol, at a distance of about 7 kilometers north of the city of Limassol.The village is built at an average altitude of 370 meters and receives an average annual rainfall of about 550 millimeters. Locust, almond, and olive trees, cereals, as well as a few citrus trees are cultivated in the area of the community. As far as stockbreeding is concerned, it only operates in a limited manner.
From the perspective of transportation, Fasoula is connected via turnpike roads to the city of Limassol on the south, and the village of Spitali in the west. It connects via a macadamized street to the village of Apsiou in the north and with the village of Mathikoloni in the east.
Today the inhabitants of the community number 400.The village existed since the Medieval years and it can be found marked in old maps under the names Fasula and Pasula. However, the area of the village was inhabited ever since ancient times. Indeed, there was a temple dedicated to “Lavranios” Zeus in the southwest of the village, at a distance of about 800 meters on top of the venue named Kastros. This hilltop is today known under the name “Moutti tou Dhkia” Hilltop of Zeus). Inscriptions -all engraved on pedestals of statues-dedicated to “Lavranios” Zeus have been found on this hilltop. These inscriptions date back to the 2nd century AD, that is, at a time that Christianity had already become dominant in Cyprus. So it seems that the region of Fasoula was one of the last strongholds of paganism.
The natural environment of the village is truly unique.During springtime, the verdurous valley with its blooming almond-trees and the crops create an amazing sight.

Visit the Tomb of St. Reginos and the old Chapel, the large church and tiny chapel of St. Marina, visit the Rural Museum and see the old tools used by peolpe , the Olive mill, Carob museum and the workshop of scupltor Yiapanis( Giapanis Art Studio),
Visit the renowned location “Kastros” where there used to be a temple dedicated to Zeus

Coffee shops, Youth Centre, Tavern, Playground, Bank

Larnaca Airport – 71.9 km
Paphos Airport – 70 km


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