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Farmakas village

Farmakas is a village in the Nicosia district 5 km east of Palaichori and 40 km away from the Nicosia. It is in the foothills of Troodos mountains. The village church is dedicated to Saint Irene and celebrates on May 5, with thousands of believers to come to pilgrimage, bringing along their offerings. Agia Irini is considered patroness of mesh and according to narrations elders of the community, often the picture of Agia thafmatourgise, healing patients ‘ eyes. A tradition says that the name of the village derived from the adjective or the profession of the first man who resided here and who made medicines. Products produced by the many herbs that grew in the area. A second explanation is that the area they were collecting herbs for medicines made by the monks. Farmakas would be the area with various herbs. A third explanation regarding the name of the village is that the name originated from ‘ farmatziin ‘ (poison), the bitter cold during the winter months.

Farmakas is indicative of Cyprus’ and Mediterranean mountain village culture, with an easy going lifestyle, fresh open air, year-round agriculture, healthy cuisine, and of course hospitable people. Engulfed in the majestic and rugged Troodos Mountain range, the village of Farmakas is a perfect place to explore the inner heart of the island and picturesque surroundings – experiencing the many mountain cultural traditions, sightseeing historical wonders and exploring nature itself. A great spot to truly live the Cyprus village lifestyle. Farmakas’ location makes it an ideal platform to explore rural Cyprus – the villages of the mountain region – yet still relatively close to all main cities, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos not to miss out on the sun, beach and city aspects. Staying in Farmakas is ideal for a short escape during your trip to Cyprus. It can be a great option and refreshing change to the summer heat, or a cosy journey during the cooler months. The same holds true for those already living in Cyprus, offering the perfect weekend and holiday break.

Activities and Places of Interest
Visit “Santa Irene” church in the middle of the village. Visit “Santa irene” and “Ierambelos Restaurant” to taste traditional Cyprus village food and wine. Walk through the many local Farmakas vineyards, and see the production and produce of the local wine. Walk in the many nature and hiking trails in the Troodos Mountains (Part of the Unesco Global Geopark). Go for cycling to explore Cyprus hidden land.

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