Archimandrita, a village of the Pafos District, is built in a green landscape and is crossed by the side-rivers “Chapotami” and “Diarizos”. The community is approximately 14 kilometres away from Kouklia, also a village of the Pafos District, and 6 kilometres from Dora, a village of the Lemesos District.

One of the most important historical events of Archimandrita is the move of the residents of Kato (Lower) Archimandrita to Pano (Upper) Archimandrita. In particular, up until 1962, Archimandrita was divided into the Upper and Lower village. However, the residents of Kato Archimandrita asked to move at the location where the village is presently located, which at the time was known as Pano (Upper) Archimandrita. The reasons that led the residents of Kato Archimandrita to move, as these are summarised in the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, concerned the “isolation” of the village, the absence of a school and “a suitable road” linking Pano with Kato Archimandrita, as well as water supply problems. Nowadays, the only remains of Kato Archimandrita are some deserted houses and a renovated chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Two versions are known regarding the origin of the village’s naming. The first one, which has been given by Simos Menadros, links the name of the village with the first resident who was an Archimandrite. Menadros adds that according to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, the people visiting the Archimandrite while he was still alive would simply say that they were visiting the Archimandrite. However, after his death, they used to say that they were visiting “Archimandrita”.

According to tradition, the second version claims that the village owes its naming to the 318 Holy Fathers and Archimandrites who came to the village from Syria following an Archimandrite. According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, they were killed by idolaters.

At the village there is a church dedicated to Agios Theodosios, as well as two chapels, one dedicated to Agious Pateres and one to Panagia (Virgin Mary).

Courtesy of the Community Council of Arhcimandrita

Photos by Kostas Papasavva

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