Agridia is a small picturesque village of the Region of Pitsilia, in the Lemesos District. It is built at a special location, on a slope dressed with nature’s most beautiful colours. Actually, the village is the ninth highest in Cyprus, built on an altitude of 1100 m above sea level.

It is a beautiful village with spiral narrow alleys and old traditional houses with vine pergolas and multicoloured flower pots in their yards. Particularly impressive as Karouzis distinctively writes, is the village’s rich natural vegetation, as well as the “exuberant usage of local bedrock, especially of diabase and gabbro”. However, one of the most beautiful images a visitor of Agridia will come across is that of the donkeys “helping” farmers during their agricultural works.


The village has two churches dedicated to Prophet Elias. A small chapel built on a green high hill and a large church built in the heart of Agridia. More: Churches

Natural Environment

In Agridia, cultivated pieces of land interchange harmonically with pieces of land rich in natural wild vegetation. Along almost the entire village there are cultivated contour strips with fruit baring trees and vegetables. Moreover, the slopes of Agridia are covered by vineyards and almonds which add the most joyous “brushworks” of the scenery when blooming.

Courtesy of the Community Council of Agridia

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