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Agios Theodoros Larnaca

The graphic village of Agios Theodoros is found in the province of Larnaka. It is built at the banks of the river Pentashoinos, 80 meters above sea level. It is found roughly 6km from the sea and 3km from the village of Kofinou.

In the irrigated valley of Pentashoinos as well as in the coastal plain, they are cultivated the citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemon trees), vegetables, potatoes, melons, fruits and artichokes, while in the remaining regions they are cultivated the cereals (mainly wheat and little barley), the legumes, the veterinary surgeon plants, the olives and carobs

The exploitation of the earth over the length of the valley of river Pentashoinos is very intensive. It is planted from the one end to the other by fruit trees and citrus fruits. At the elevated sides of the valley, there are olives, carobs, “shinos”, thyme and rich bushy vegetation.

The houses at the village of Agios Theodoros are neither spread out nor densely built. They are built at the two banks, over the length of the river. The local limestone rock was used extensively for the building of the houses, even though almost all the roofs are covered with tiles. Beautiful graphic wooden balconies, outdoors with fat timber of pine, surrounded courtyards, hewers engraved stones around the outdoors, (symbol of a mansion), small passages, other vaulted hewers doors with the date of manufacture of the buildings. One impressive and strong built bridge that links the one part of the village with the other, is the picture of the graphic village of Agios Theodoros.

The history of the village is interwoven with a recent tragic event of the Cyprus history. Here in this village, where the Greekcypriots and Turkishcypriots residents were living together for centuries, in November of 1967 their relations were disturbed. From 1964 up to 1967 many problems were created. Turkey threatened with war, due to battles that were created so much in Agios Theodoros and in the neighboring village of Kofinou.

The “Koufi” (snake) of Pentasxinon

According to folklore, there was a gigantic snake “Koufi” living in a cave near the river mouth of Pentasxinon River. This snake, according to folklore, could devour whole lambs and people. This snake had become peoples’ greatest fear. Many hunters had tried to kill it but they did not succeed because its skin was too hard and no bullet or pellet could break through it. It used to crawl in the cordages and reeds, leaving behind the terrifying sound of its whistling. The snake had two horns on its head and two huge eyes that magnetised and paralysed whoever looked at it. It had devoured many people who attempted to come near it.

A foreigner had advised the people of Pentasxinon to sew up a sack in the shape of a human body, fill it with lime, cover it in lamb’s blood and leave it near the cave where the snake lived. Once the snake saw the sack, it sucked it immediately and then went to the river to quench its thirst. The water and the lime it had sucked resulted in fire, which burned its stomach and eventually caused its death. This is how the area got rid of this terrifying creature.

Courtesy of the Community Council of Agios Theodoros

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