DiscoverThe Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931 and Its Archaeological Significance

The Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931 and Its Archaeological Significance

Presentations by Dr Frederick Whitling (writer and PhD historian), Dr Kenneth Silver (curator of The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, The National Museums of World Culture, Sweden), Adj. Professor Minna Silver and Dr Peter M. Fischer, PhD, Senior Professor Cypriot and Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Gothenburg, Dept. of Historical Studies.

The presentation of writer and historian Dr Frederick Whitling is connected to his forthcoming book that revisits the Swedish Cyprus Expedition placing it in a socio-political as well as archaeological context. It is based on archival material and highlights the role of Gustaf VI Adolf, former King of Sweden, who as a chairman of the so-called “Cyprus Committee” visited the island in 1930 in conjunction with the division of the finds of the expedition.

The lecture by Dr Kenneth Silver deals with the archaeological importance of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition 1927-1931, discusses the present-day situation of the Swedish part of the Cyprus Collections, and presents some concluding thoughts on the future of the Collections.

Adj. Professor Minna Silver will present:  Alashiya and Amurru – Some Amarna Contacts in the Eastern Mediterranean Region This presentation will deal with Egyptian contacts to late Bronze Age Cyprus and Syria in the Amarna letters and archaeologial finds.

Professor Peter M. Fischer, University of Gothenburg, will talk about important finds from the most recent excavations at the Bronze Age trade metropolis of Hala Sultan Tekke (1630–1150 BC). In exchange for mainly copper, the city received imports from an area covering Sardinia to India, and the Baltic Sea to Sudan. Imported material and locally produced objects will be presented with the title: “The latest News from the ongoing Swedish Excavations at the Bronze Age City of Hala Sultan Tekke.”

The opening remarks of the conference will be given by Dr Demtrios Z. Pierides and H.E. the Ambassador of Sweden Mr Martin Hagström.

The lectures will be followed by a reception.

Pierides Museum, Larnaca

Wednesday May 31, 2023, 19:00-21:00

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