in-cyprusNatural trails of Cyprus. Part XX. Agia Eirini - Limeria, Adelfoi Forest...

Natural trails of Cyprus. Part XX. Agia Eirini – Limeria, Adelfoi Forest (linear)

The trail passes through a Calabrian pine forest with beautiful view spots of the Bay of Morfou (central­ west part of Cyprus). At Selladi tis Straorouthkias, the trail joins with the Kourdali – Limeria trail, and both trails share a common route for the next two kilometres.

Village, Mountains, Landscape, Forest, Nature, SummerThe trail ends at the location of Limeria with its many hideouts that were used during the anti­colonial National struggle war of 1955-19­59. Some six kilometres north of Agia Eirini Village there is a picnic site: ‘Kapoura’, which is situated next to the Kapoura Forest Station.

Flora: While hiking you can study the endemic plants: Golden oak (Quercus alnifolia), Thyme (Thymus integer), ‘Manouthkia’ (Pterocephalus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus – an evergreen small shrub with pale pink flowers), Cyprus skullcap (Scutellaria cypria subsp. cypria).

Fauna: The main species found in the area are:

Mammals: Fox, hare, hedgehog.

Birds: Bonelli’s eagle, Eurasian jay, Wood pigeon, Partridge, Cyprus warbler (endemic), Cyprus wheatear (endemic).

Reptiles: Cyprus viper, Cyprus lizard, Black whip snake.

GPS coordinates of the starting point: Lat: 34.980599 Lon: 32.968808
GPS coordinates of the ending point: Lat: 34.990647 Lon: 32.950746
Altitude of the starting point: 906m
Altitude of the highest peak: 1,217m
Altitude of the end peak: 1,204m
Starting point: Agia Eirini Village.
Length: 5km
Estimated duration: 2.5 hours
Difficulty rate: 3 (steep uphill route)


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