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Kalopanagiotis Churches

Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery

It is situated on the east side of the Setrachos river opposite the old village center. In 1985 UNESCO included the monastery together with eight other chapels on the Troodos range in the world heritage list. The monastery with its well preserved frescos, icons, wood carved doors etc is one of the most interesting byzantine sites of Cyprus and this together with the six other 13th – 17th century chapels rightly justify Kalopanayiotis being referred to as “the byzantine destination of Cyprus”. The katholicon (monastery church), which is dedicated to Saint Herakleidios, is dated to the 11th century. Among the wall-paintings of the narthex there is an inscription, dated to the 15th century, which describes this church as “katholiki”

Ayios Andronikos and Saint Athanasia Chapel

This church is a remarkable ancient monument and enjoys the care of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus. It consists of the sanctuary, the nave and narthex. He pointed tiled roof as almost all Byzantine churches of the village and retains a large number of frescoes of the 16th century. Unfortunately, the southern wall of the church collapsed due to poor maintenance and destroyed him and the wall paintings that adorned it.Today we can admire in the west pediment “Dramatic Crucifixion” and the arch of the sanctuary the Virgin between the archangels. In the northern wall there are zones with Saints as the Saints Vechianos, Peter and Paul, Anthony and Savvas Saint Barbara and Saint Friday. The venerated image of Saints Andronikos and Athanasia (13th-14th century) which was stolen in 1936 and found in New York after 70 years is one of the treasures of eikonofylakiou. The church celebrates on October 9.

These churches are the two parish churches of Kalopanagiotis. Today because of the large reduction in the number of residents operated Sunday rotation. Located on the “down” the road of the village, the one that leads to the monastery of St. John the Illuminator. In these temples as in other churches they found valuable icons and other sacred relics. Agia Marina with its impressive bell tower located in the oldest district of Kalopanayiotis was the oldest church of the village. It was built by Panagiotis, the end of the 11th century, small at first, but was replaced by the present church in the early 20th century. Celebrated on July 17..

Archangelos Michael Church

The Church of Archangel Michael in the west hills of the village belonged to monastic settlement. The chapel is in a beautiful location overlooking the east the hillside which dominates the top of the chapel of Prophet Elias Valley Setrachou in the north and in the south the eye reaches Pedoulas and Prodromos. One of the treasures of the chapel that which adorn the icon-is a form of gospel 1550 with brass lining of 11th-12th century bearing the image of the Archangel Michael. On November 8, the day we celebrate the Synaxis of Archangels church operated. Other churches (ancient monuments, 11th and 12th century) that as the Saints Andronikos and Athanasia were small family temples of settlements that their union created Kalopanagiotis village of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, Saint George and Saint Kyriakos.

Theoskepasti Chapel

Located a few meters east of the monastery of St. John the Illuminator. It was built by the monks of the monastery as a hermitage or retreat during the 12th century. In front of the chapel grew a huge holly (commonly go through) that protect from profane hostile eyes so I called Theoskepasti. To protect the tree that circulate various traditions that say something bad will happen to whoever dares to cut even a twig. The tree is 700 years and enjoys the care of the Department. The image of the Virgin litaneftiki Theoskepasti kept in Latin chapel or as now called the ‘Akathistos Hymn’ that is embedded in the church of Saints Irakleidios and John the Illuminator. This is an excellent image (14th century) a copy of the Virgin of Kykkos, which depicts the Virgin Dexiokratousa. Other masterpieces from the same chapel icon-kept in the village.

Agios Sergios Church

The picturesque church of St. Sergius is a few meters above the building of the Community Council in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of the old village. Impresses austerity and the fact that he is so close to the yards of nearby houses. This supports the view that such the churches were small family temples and Agios usually bore the name of the founder, protector and helper. From the chapel comes the icon of the Virgin Mary from the 14th century that causes chills and awe. The church was operated on October 7th feast of St. Unfortunately today this remarkable church is in danger of collapse.

Agios Georgios Chapel

Located very close to the old primary school now used as housing for the Elderly in the main street of the village bearing the name ” Multipurpose Center Adult St. George. ” The icons Christ Almighty, 16th century. and St John the Theologian 17th century. from St. George Temple. Celebrated on April 23 and Monday of Easter.

Agios Kyriakos Chapel

Located in the “down” neighborhood Kalopanayiotis a short distance from the church of the Virgin Mary, who is one of two parish churches of the village.


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